Church Admin 1.0 Kit


This bundle includes a combination of helpful resources, tools and supports to guide you in the administration of your church, including:

Action Plan

Every church plant needs an action plan to strategically address the sometimes overwhelming steps required to establish the church and build a solid foundation for the growth of the ministry. Download this action plan today and finish the journey of planting a ministry that operates in excellence.


Whether incorporated or unincorporated, churches need a governing document that addresses issues of governance and administration. While there are other names for this document, it is typically called bylaws. Download a sample copy today and edit the Microsoft Word document to meet the needs of your ministry.

Corporate Minutes

State nonprofit corporation laws generally require incorporated churches to maintain records, including minutes of its members and minutes of the proceedings of its board of directors.  Download a sample copy today and edit the Microsoft Word document to meet the needs of your ministry.

Church Admin 1.0 Webinar

A webinar designed to give ministry leaders familiarity with key issues unique to churches, including establishing a church as a recognized legal entity, applying for tax exempt status and considering local regulations pertaining to worship locations.

Online Coaching Consultation

Shorten the learning curve, save time and avoid costly mistakes by taking advantage of my legal background, coaching expertise and hands-on experience with the support needed to excel.

ACE Church Academy

An annual membership subscription for church administrators and ministry leaders intended to provide support as they navigate key management issues unique to churches.


This exclusive bundle gives you the tools you need to navigate the challenging journey of building a ministry of excellence. This combination of private coaching, group coaching, webinars, templates and forms provides the gentle support and guidance that will keep you moving on a path of progress. You don’t have to do this alone, order your kit today and get immediate access to the help you need for the administration of your church.


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