Pastor Betty, Overcomers Outreach Ministries (Founder)

Dr. Alicia is more than just a wife, mother and pastor. She is a shaker and a mover. She inspires you to see the best in yourself, to encourage you to excel to your greatest potential, and to cause you to remove all doubt and fear to achieve what is inside of you—which is SUCCESS. So she inspires you to SUCCEED. That’s Dr. Alicia.

Dr. Alicia Lytle

After a decade of practicing law, providing legal counsel to individuals, churches and non-profits, Alicia Lytle, J.D. (ladypastorpreneur) planted a church where she now serves alongside her husband as a Lead Pastor of a campus. Likewise, Dr. Alicia Lytle established a social service agency where she served as chief executive officer and a licensed child care center where she served as director. She restructured Lytle & Associates to share her extensive expertise through consulting services, including group coaching, webinars and digital products to help others excel.